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Mori Sushi

M ori Sushi opened its first branch in 2007. With its Brazilian origin and Japanese heritage, the Mori Sushi brand has redefined sushi in all its restaurants across Egypt. Made with a recipe of passion and quality, Mori Sushi began as a small and pioneering restaurant in São Paulo, making its way to the fine foods cravers of Egypt and Dubai to pamper their senses with the best Japanese cuisine in the region, continuing to surpass all culinary expectations.

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T amara. At the heart of Cairo, expect an extra ordinary warm welcome at the cozy gem restaurant Tamara. First born at City Stars Mall hitting unbelievable success, the first Lebanese restaurant with the outstanding atmosphere, a warm welcoming spot, gives you the pleasure to share a yummy Lebanese meal.

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E lna is “Bringing the soul of Lebanon to life”. Elna is a Casual Lebanese café. Our cuisine serves Lebanese food with a twist. Elna's interiors convey a Lebanese vibe with the open kitchen and food corner which give the place and vibrant style.

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M ince. Since Mince started, partners quite seriously kept an eye to acquire this brand until the lucky moment twinkled in 2011 and they bought all shares. The first branch in Zamalek was relaunched, the whole menu was changed and the whole concept was worth trying.

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T ed's. Added to Mori Co.'s growing foodie scene, owners break the mold with the restaurant’s design and menu. Menu innovation meeting the Egyptian market by creative foreign chiefs who oversee new food production. Ted's introduced a healthy line in a new trendy presentation to be the very best International cuisine serving a modern dessert menu with a unique theme.

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N üwa. Asian Fusion concept developed from multiple Asian cuisines and developed to meet the market's taste, all Asian food lovers will enjoy a marvelous experience when tasting any item from our menu that was deliberately developed with care and passion.

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The Caterer

T he Caterer. Chain of marvelous success gives us the credit to rocket and tailor all your events to share all our customers' special moments and plates taking over all the details of any occasion with full impeccable service to orchestrate one of a kind dining experience. We provide themes of varies occasions from huge scale to simple ones for your personal parties, corporate events, Galas and many other including full equipment’s needed within your choices and budget plans.

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Mori Co.

M ori Co. is a company owned by Mori International, the main business lines of this company are: Food processing and manufacturing, Supply Chain, and Importing. As Mori International is growing to a new horizon in the food and beverages industry we had to ensure the quality of food introduced to our customers, this was the main reason to consider integration in business operations. Mori International considered serious investments in its factory to update all manufacturing cycles for better quality, shorter processing time, freshness of products. Our aim is to establish the most modernized factory in the region by 2023.

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