Added to Mori International growing foodie scene, owners broke the mold with the International Mediterranean restaurant’s designs and menu. Menu innovation meeting the Egyptian market by creative foreign chefs who oversee new food production introducing healthy line in a new trendy presentation in intention to be the very best International Mediterranean cuisine and modern dessert menu in a unique theme Ted’s chain occupies modern twist to its breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner menu. Serving an audience from the age of 25 to 50s, the menu serves a wide range of soup, appetizers, salads, main courses, pizza, pasta, paella, and desserts using the freshest ingredients for serving inspiring dishes, sense of taste and smell perspective.

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The vibe is genuinely relaxing, the trade of cultures shown in interactive tables display. Our culinary expertise stems from our chefs who don’t just chop and throw ingredients together. Passion is what’s hidden behind scenes not the paycheck. Ted’s is appropriate for all ages; waiters are attentive all the time and never miss a beat of order and you should stay tuned for the opening of Ted’s Pizzeria and Ted’s fifth settlement branch.