Mori Co. is a company owned by Mori International, the main business lines of this company are: Food processing and manufacturing, Supply Chain, and Importing. Since Mori International is growing to a new horizon in the food and beverages industry we had to ensure the quality of food introduced to our customers, this was the main reason to consider integration in business operations. Mori International considered serious investments in its factory to update all manufacturing cycles for better quality, shorter processing time, freshness of products. Our aim is to establish the most modernized factory in the region by 2023.

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Mori Co. started its journey loaded with the experience of its founders that extends to almost twenty years in the Egyptian market, where it is considered as one of the leading food industry companies. We provide high quality products and services for different segments in Egypt and the middle east that guarantees the fulfillment of all needs and requirements at one place.
Mori Co. works extensively on applying the latest international tools and techniques. We are always keen on developing successful relationships with our clients by establishing key principals for high quality services and excellent performance for their satisfaction and to exceed their expectations as we believe that our clients are our success partners and the main driver for prosperity.



      Mori Co.