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Our Story

Mori International is a story of success which started in 2007 with passion, devotion, determination and eagerness to succeed. At the beginning, it all started with Mori Sushi, then it grew to Mori Co. As of 2019, the company has been named Mori International, achieved seven different lines of business, and now it has a manpower that exceed 3,000 employees. Over the years we have developed home grown concepts which matches or even exceeds the quality of the multinational concepts. We possess a diversified portfolio of food concepts which include sushi, Lebanese, international, Asian fusion, premium burger and catering. According to our set vision, by 2023 we will be having further developments and will continue to be the leading in market with different concepts that match the various tastes and requirements of multiple segments of our clients. Our main focus is our quality and the satisfaction of our customers, which was the main reason to apply the international quality standards for developing the quality of service, workplace health and safety, and full compliance of the global parameters for food hygiene.

We are always keen on developing successful relationships with our clients by establishing key principals for excellent performance for their satisfaction and to exceed their expectations. We believe that our customers are our success partners and the main driver for prosperity. We believe that our real strength is the investment in our human resources which had a main role in building a successful organizational structure that led to the existence of an extraordinary team. A team which is characterized by experience and multiple skills through the availability of the best work environment applying the latest technology. All of the above ensure providing the required service level and quality at work, and at the same time guarantees the strength of competition and superiority for our company in the Egyptian and International markets.
The story started with a young entrepreneur who had a vision to establish the leading company in the Food and Beverages industry in Egypt. The name of this young entrepreneur is Hossam Fahmy; at this time Hossam took the first step loaded with solid experience in the retail business and especially in fashion and food industries. Tamer El Leithy, the co-founder, joined forces with Hossam to write a story that will become a benchmark for other entrepreneurs to consider before establishing their businesses. Back at that time it was a huge risk to introduce such a product in the market and take it to another different level. In 2007, was the birth of a new giant of market which is called Mori Co.


The brand has grown

Mori Co. was the first business name for the company and under which the first concept was introduced which is Mori Sushi, the first home grown concept for sushi. Originally the concept was imported from Brazil but the team had to apply some adaptation and modification to meet the market’s requirements. The team considered a very powerful technical arm who is Wael Abdel Rahman. Wael is considered as one of few who introduced sushi in Egypt, Wael didn’t just introduce it in its classic form but started to adapt the look and taste of sushi to match the Egyptian taste and become an iconic product for all sushi lovers. Few years later, as the business was growing, a new arm joined the team to support operations and act as a new key player in the success of the story; and this key player is Ayman Fahmy. Ayman had a determination to take this company to a new level which led him to dedicate time and efforts to develop the new era of Mori Co.

I n 2018, the company introduced “Nüwa” an Asian fusion concept and in the same year, launched the long-awaited catering arm for the company which the “The Caterer”. Mohamed Durra, Omar Durra, and Yasser Helmy showed interest to join this success story through investment. This led to a newer giant called Mori International with a clear solid vision, becoming the market leader in the middle east. Now and for the first time in Egypt companies will not import franchises from outside Egypt but in the contrary we will export franchises outside Egypt.


The company owns and operates one of the largest food factories in the region, in addition to, a fleet of modern trucks to ensure the quality of delivery from our factory to our stores.

Our promise is always quality and our customers' satisfaction comes first!