The Art of Catering by Mori International

Chain of marvelous success gives us the credit to rocket and tailor all your events to share all our customers' special moments and plates taking over all the details of any occasion with full impeccable service to orchestrate one of a kind dining experience. With The Caterer, oriental, international, appetizers, salads, party starters, Dips & Dippers, finger food, Canapés, Sushi, burgers, pasta station, BBQ station, desserts, candy station, kids station, bakery, and beverages are all catered to our customer's taste.

Get a Franchise

Customized festive menus from our chain of restaurants at your door accompanied by required chefs, waiters, tailored themes, rocky ideas, food creations, wide varieties of desserts and any special requirement that are suitable to your desires with no compromise from your side. We are targeting to directly bring the entertainment to you with awesome food styles and much more to fulfill our clients’ demands, every request is taken seriously. Just create a bespoke menu from your own choice.


      The Caterer.