Established in 2011 by three partners and with the help of two top London based burger chefs. MINCE set out to design a high standard tasty burger combining the taste and quality of the high-end restaurant burger, with the casualness and convenience of the fast food experience. The target audience of the concept are people with an age range between 16 and 35. The menu is filled with appetizers, salads, burgers, chicken, desserts and drinks.

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Our meat is never, ever, frozen and we cook it medium for added taste and tenderness. We receive our fresh bread daily from one of Egypt’s finest high-end artisanal bakeries. The buns we use compliments the meat very well. All our toppings are procured directly from the best farms across the country, ensuring taste and quality at all times. At MINCE we take burgers very seriously. MINCE fuels you up with super heavy protein doze needed in a trendy casual way as every burger is ideally tender, juicy and flavorful.



      Mince Burgers.